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We may not know when you are going on vacation, but we know how and where you can enjoy it.

'Bradabella' is from the Rhaeto-Romance language and means essentially 'beautiful meadow'. And that's exactly what it is: a fairytale-like meadow nestled in the idyll of the Montafon away from all traffic. It's a landscape that appears to have been shaped by a master craftsman. This indescribable location at the end of a sunny high valley with an open view of the mountains was one of the main reasons we decided to build a 4-star hotel here in 1991.

  • 4-star hotel in the Montafon
  • Gargellen, vacation in the Montafon
  • Hotel Bradabella, 4 * hotel in Gargellen
  • The smallest 4-star hotel in the Montafon, Hotel Bradabella

Small but exquisite, this is our motto - and we mean it in the truest sense of the word. As the smallest 4-star hotel in the Montafon, the Bradabella is a true jewel. Maybe it is the fact we are not a monolithic hotel. Maybe it's our very positive attitude towards our guests. It's probably a perfect mix of both. The fact is that, especially in the area of hospitality, we have made a considerable name for ourself. And we are very proud of this. Our goal is to create a personal ambiance where you will find relaxation. When you feel at home here with us in Gargellen, then we have done our job.

We look forward to your visit!
Doris and Klaus Netzer

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